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Project Case Study - 1 (NY)

A New York based real estate Company purchased a historic building in New York City with the aim of renovating it into a mixed-use development. However, the building's existing structure was not suitable for the proposed use and required significant structural modifications.


Enthink Engineering LLC was hired to provide structural design and assessment services for the renovation project.

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Our Service/Solution

Our team of experienced structural engineers conducted a thorough assessment of the existing structure and proposed several design options that would meet the client's needs while preserving the historic integrity of the building.

Coordination with client and architects

We developed a comprehensive structural design that included reinforcing the existing structure with new steel beams, columns, and braces. We also designed a new foundation system to support the added weight of the new use and reconfigured the floor plans to maximize space utilization.

Our Team

Our team conducted regular site visits and provided continuous support during the construction phase to ensure that the structural modifications were being implemented correctly and that the project remained on schedule and within budget.

ENTHINK - Structural Design and Assessment

Outcome and Deliverables

The renovation project was successfully completed, and the building was transformed into a modern mixed-use development that preserves the historic character of the building.

Structural Analysis & Design

  • Detailed structural analysis and design calculations for the proposed modifications and additions to the existing building.
  • Evaluation of the existing structural components, including load-bearing walls, beams, and columns, to determine their capacity and condition.

Coordination & Inspections

  • Coordination with the architect and other design professionals to ensure that the structural design and modifications were integrated seamlessly with the overall building design.
  • Regular site visits and inspections during the construction phase to ensure that the contractor was following the approved structural design and specifications.

Drawing and Specifications

  • Preparation of structural drawings and specifications for the proposed modifications and additions, including details for new structural components, such as foundations, steel framing, and concrete slabs.


  • Recommendations for any necessary repairs or reinforcement of the existing structure to meet the latest building codes and standards.
Enthink Engineering's team's structural design and assessment services ensured that the building was structurally sound and met all the necessary safety and compliance requirements.

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