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Project Case Study – 2 (NY)

Vibration Monitoring

A developer from New York were constructing a new 50-story high-rise building in a densely populated area of New York City. They were concerned about the impact of

construction vibrations on nearby buildings and infrastructure, as well as the potential

for damage claims from adjacent property owners.


Enthink Engineering LLC was contracted to provide vibration monitoring services for the

construction of the high-rise building. Our team of experienced engineers conducted a site assessment and installed a network of sensors to monitor vibration levels in real time.

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Our Service/Solution

We used the latest monitoring equipment and technologies to provide accurate and relevant data to our client. Our team provided weekly monitoring reports that included data on vibration levels and any exceedances of threshold values.

Updating the client on monitoring developments

Additionally, we provided our client with guidance on safer construction methods and modifications to construction procedures as needed to ensure vibration levels remained within allowable thresholds.


Our team's monitoring and reporting ensured that vibration levels remained within

allowable thresholds and that our client was aware of any exceedances in real-time.

Overall, Enthink's Vibration Monitoring services provided our client with peace of mind and a reliable solution to address their concerns about potential damage claims and the impact of construction vibrations on nearby buildings and infrastructure.

ENTHINK - Vibration Monitoring

Final Outcome

Upon completion of the project, we provided the client with a comprehensive final report summarizing the results of the monitoring period, including any issues that were identified and the actions taken to mitigate them. The report also included recommendations for future construction projects at the site to prevent similar issues from occurring.


Vibration Monitoring Plan

Our team of experts developed a detailed plan outlining the methodology and procedures for monitoring the vibrations at the site. The plan included specific monitoring locations, frequency of monitoring, and equipment used for measuring and analyzing data.

Real-time Monitoring

Our team utilized the latest monitoring equipment and

technologies to provide real-time data and reporting to the client. This allowed for immediate detection and response to any vibration-related issues at the site.

Weekly Reports

We provided weekly reports to the client, summarizing the data

collected during the week and highlighting any issues that needed attention. The reports also included recommendations for adjustments to construction procedures as needed.

Expert Analysis

Our team of experts analyzed the data collected during the monitoring period and provided expert analysis and recommendations to the client. This included identifying potential sources of excessive vibration and proposing solutions to mitigate these issues.

Enthink Engineering's team's vibration monitoring services ensured strict adherence to monitoring standards and offered consultations on probable issues via continuous monitoring reports and evaluation of the site.

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