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Project Case Study - Special Inspections -

Construction company in New York

A Construction was undertaking a large-scale commercial construction

project in New York City and needed to ensure compliance with the International

Building Code and approved construction documents. They required a reliable and

efficient special inspection agency to provide special inspection services.


Enthink Engineering LLC was hired as the approved Special Inspection Agency to provide the necessary special inspections.

NOTE: Client References will be provided on request.

Our Service/Solution

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced approved special inspectors worked closely with XYZ Construction to ensure compliance with the International Building Code and approved construction documents. We provided efficient and thorough special inspection services throughout the construction process.


By working with Enthink Engineering LLC, XYZ Construction was able to ensure

compliance with the International Building Code and approved construction

documents. Our team's expertise and attention to detail resulted in a successful

construction project with no compliance issues or delays.

ENTHINK - Structural Design and Assessment

Outcome and Deliverables

Enthink Engineering LLC provided comprehensive special inspection

services, including inspection reports, testing and analysis, and necessary

documentation for all inspections performed. Our team also provided ongoing

consultation and support throughout the construction process.

Detailed inspection reports:

Enthink provided detailed inspection reports on a weekly basis, documenting the inspections conducted and any non-compliant

issues found. These reports included photos and measurements, ensuring transparency and accuracy.

Expert consultation:

Enthink's team of experienced special inspectors were available to consult with the client on any issues or concerns that arose during the project. Their expertise helped the client to make informed decisions and avoid any potential compliance issues.

Documentation for compliance:

Enthink provided all necessary documentation to ensure compliance with NYC DOB regulations and requirements. This included TR1 and TR-8 forms, as well as any other necessary documentation.

Timely communication:

Enthink provided timely communication with the client, keeping them informed of the progress of the inspections and any issues that arose. This helped the client to stay on track with their project timeline and avoid any delays.

Enthink Engineering's team's structural design and assessment services ensured that the building was structurally sound and met all the necessary safety and compliance requirements.

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