Prevent Major Damage on Your Construction Site

Get professional vibration monitoring services in Elizabeth, Westfield, NJ, and beyond

Excavation and construction projects tend to produce a wide range of vibrations in the area around the job site. In order to prevent these vibrations from damaging the buildings surrounding your construction, hire Enthink Engineering LLC for vibration monitoring services in and around Elizabeth and Westfield, NJ. Our team uses top of the line equipment to gauge the size of cracks in the surrounding buildings and make sure they do not grow.

Restore your peace of mind on the job site when you call 646-632-7738 today for crack monitoring services.

Trust us with your construction site

With our vibration monitoring services, we use a combination of optical monitoring and technical training to catch potential issues before they can worsen. This allows us to:

  • Cover your work against potential legal settlements
  • Ensure your building is being built safely
  • Provide fast and detailed notifications for any issues we catch
With expert vibration and crack monitoring services, you can rest assured that your project is being handled as safely as possible.