Is Your Building Up to Code?

We provide special building code inspections in Elizabeth & Westfield, NJ

Every construction project is held up to a standard of building codes in order to be deemed acceptable by the state. With building code inspections from Enthink Engineering LLC, our qualified special inspectors will work with you every step of the way to review your work and make sure your building is up to the standards and codes of the state.

Call 646-632-7738 today to hire special inspectors to do a detailed inspection of your building in Elizabeth or Westfield, NJ.

Get the right inspections for your job site

When we inspect your building, we usually perform two major inspections to determine whether your building is up to code.

We are licensed to perform:

TR1 inspections: This structural and mechanical inspection checks for issues with the building's integrity as well as the function of safety measures and systems on the premises.

TR8 inspections: This inspection tests your building's energy usage and systems for safety and code concerns.

Our inspections ensure the legality of your building and prevent structural issues in the future. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for building code inspections.